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Sign up with Airbnb Australia and Get AUD 55 Off on Your First Booking!

Are you excited to travel and book your first accommodation with Airbnb? Then it gets even more exciting with a discount of AUD 55 on your first booking AUD 110!


Airbnb 50% Discount

How to Get the AUD$55 Discount

It’s simple – sign up with Airbnb and create your profile. Just a reminder that this promo code for Airbnb only works for your first stay and is valid only for a year. Having an existing account with Airbnb won’t apply.

For now, we’ll discuss getting the AUD$55 for first-timers. First, you get the referral link from a friend. Then you sign up by creating an account here. Your booking must be at least AUD$110 to get the discount and AUD$65 for the AUD$18 discount.

Airbnb changes the exact amount now and again. We watch these trends closely and update this article every time Airbnb coupons change. This coupon code automatically updates to whatever is current, so you won’t struggle with any broken links.

Again, claiming the promo discount code means creating an account with Airbnb. Create an account using your Facebook, Google Email or Yahoo, or other emails).

Open an account and be sure to confirm your email address with the confirmation email.

Claiming the discount also means following the rules through a Qualifying Reservation as what Airbnb is calling it officially. Here are the steps towards making a Qualifying Reservation:

  1. Be sure to check the price before you confirm your booking in the final stage of your booking.
  2. Your booking must meet the minimum total value (in our case the AUD$110 and AUD$65) as indicated in the referral link you received and on the promotions, Airbnb website, or Airbnb mobile app for the reservation. Values may change from time to time due to fluctuations in the currency.
  3. Book the Qualifying Reservation must be and paid for via the Airbnb platform.
  4. Qualifying Reservation does not include bookings wherein the referring member is the host and if the reservation cancelation at any time.

So pretty easy, isn’t it? For more information or help regarding the discount code, please contact Airbnb Support here.

Airbnb Coupon Code

A Little About Airbnb

Airbnb, as many people know, is an online platform and mobile application for arranging or offering accommodation primarily short duration stay or travel and exploration purposes. Airbnb only acts as a broker and does not own any of the houses or apartments, nor does it host events and receive commissions from each booking. Based in San Francisco, California, United States, Airbnb has offices around the world.

Booking a room or entire house to stay with Airbnb is fantastic not only because it offers you a more affordable and unique way of lodging but because of the experience you get as well as Airbnb also offers related services such as the Experiences, Airbnb Plus, and more in addition to its regular lodging services!

 Making A Reservation in AirBnB

Booking an entire house or apartment with Airbnb in a fantastic location does not take too much of your time and effort. The company provides a platform where hosts accommodate guests staying on shorter periods and on vacationing or touring purposes. Guests can search for their ideal lodging by searching in terms of lodging type, dates, location, and price. Guests can search for specific types of homes, such as bed and breakfasts, unique homes, and vacation homes. Hosts require guests to provide personal, and payment information and some hosts may also require scanned government-IDs before accepting a booking.

Guests can chat with hosts through a secure messaging system in the platform for the prices and other information for the rental or event listings, such as the allowed number of guests, home type, rules, and amenities. Hosts determine the rates for their accommodations host with help from Airbnb. Hosts and guests also can leave reviews about the experience.


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